Realmen breakfast nov 8 square-01C3M Realmen is dedicated to helping men become their ‘best self’ by developing character, strengthening marriages and families, shaping appropriate perspectives, breaking destructive lifestyles, valuing healthy relationships, and establishing positive role models.

Join us on Saturday, November 8 at 12PM at 55 N. Moore to hear from former Marine Corp Ps. Jim Crumbley as he uses his life experience to inspire and refocus you. A full breakfast will be served from 12PM.  Register here for $20; on November 3 registration goes up to $30.

Relationship CourseIf you are engaged, recently married, or in a serious relationship, this is for you! The next Relationship Course will begin on Monday, October 20 and runs for 6 weeks. Topics covered include communication, conflict resolution, sex, finances, and sharing a vision for your relationship.

Please email the office if you are interested or have any questions.


Worship Underground Oct 29 Square-01Worship and prayer. Stripped back to its very essence. No moving lights, no screens, no interruptions. Just you and God. If you love worship and prayer, or want to learn how to connect with God on a deeper level, then this is your moment. Wednesday, Oct 29 at 7PM at 55 North Moore. All are welcome.