Jeff Create Square

Welcome to Create! This is the first in a series of events we’ll be holding throughout the year to challenge, encourage, and inspire those with a creative mind. You do not have to be a creative to come to this event, it’s about unlocking and harnessing creative potential.

Our first guest this year is the undeniable, unstoppable, Jeff Crabtree. He’s seen it all and done it all: Musician, Producer, Composer, Speaker, and Author of a book called “Living With a Creative Mind.”

Date: Monday, September 8 at 7PM

Location: 55 North Moore Street, between Hudson & Greenwich, Tribeca

Word Underground squareIt’s been an incredible summer as we’ve dug deep into the books 1 & 2 Peter together on Wednesday nights. Everyone’s welcome, even if this Wednesday will be your first time. Join us to hear God’s incredible promises for you as we study 2 Peter 3 on August 27 and wrap up on September 3.

Location: 55 North Moore Street, between Hudson & Greenwich, Tribeca

Time: 6:30PM coffee, tea & snacks; 7PM meeting start

Relationship Course

If you are engaged, recently married, or in a serious relationship, this is for you! The next Relationship Course will begin on Monday, October 20 and runs for 6 weeks. Topics covered include communication, conflict resolution, sex, finances, and sharing a vision for your relationship.

Please email the office if you are interested or have any questions.